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They say that smell is the strongest sense tied to memory. At Boyfriend Candle, we create a product that reminds you of the masculine scent you deeply desire. We bring you an eclectic & unique collection of candles that will have your place smelling like a man and unlike a girly flower.  

What you won't find in our shop is a candle modeled after a swanky fragrance out of Paris or Milan. Boyfriend Candle specializes in producing classic, real-life scents that we really love. Using the highest quality material, our candles are handcrafted to smell amazing and look fantastic on a nightstand, table, desk, or anywhere they are placed. We pride ourselves on being genuine & authentic and truly care about each & every person that is interested in Boyfriend Candle.

Product Highlights:

  • 100% soy wax - eco-friendly, carbon neutral & sustainable 
  • Designed & hand poured in Scottsdale, Arizona 
  • Innovative, cruelty-free, & phthalate-free scents that are tested and approved to help your day or night smell awesome 
  • Made in premium glass jars with removable vinyl label for repurposing after candle is finished 
  • All fragrances meet RIFM & IFRA Standards 

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Established 2016

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